Monday, 27 July 2015


The Process was formed from the pulsating corpses of Scottish Hardcore bands - Shank, Scatha and In Decades Decline.
Approved and inducted into The Church of Holy Terror, it's members reside in different locations across Scotland and the U.K.
The band have released two full length albums. 'The Kennedy Sessions' arrived first in 2006 although it comprised of earlier demo and split vinyl recordings. 
'Rosenkreutz' followed a year later in 2007 and was actually the first full, studio album.
The Process were always sporadic in their live appearances but still managed several tours of the U.K. and even journeyed as far as Japan and the U.S.A. They toured with Municipal Waste, Iron Lung, Tombs and Fortitude amongst others. Described as harsh, relentless, dirty and textured the band last played shows in late 2013.
2016 marked the release of a new album entitled, 'The Covenant of the Cosmos'.  A culmination of many months work it is the definitive apostle to the bands creation.