Monday, 27 July 2015

NEW ALBUM - The Covenant of the Cosmos

'If you don’t feel up to sifting through the dense array of imagery, you can merely get down to some legit ragers by one of the UK’s more inventive 21st century hardcore bands'
(The Quietus)

'This release is filled with eleven songs that are ripping and utterly destructive and yet they find a way to make you feel as though you’ve been lost among the stars.' (Cadavergarden)

The Processian brothers humbly submit their definitive epistle, an end to clamour and a route to sustenation for those eager to transcend the lumpen, meagre fetters of Earthly existence.

Titan awaits the birth of the red giant, preparing for colonisation.
Helios sates his voracious appetite evolving unto nebula.
Entropy is inevitable, auguring destruction, predicating reconstitution.

Pax Vobiscum, brethren of the Golden Stone, your journey nears conclusion.
Rosicrucian fraternity, knowers of veracity, seekers of perfection.
Occultus mastery, ancient cognition, draw up and rubricate the
Covenant of the Cosmos, the Hermetic binding, for we are all stars
Entwined in the waltz of the Universe, now beating in time, restored.
Sol Invictus! As above, so below, the endlessly victorious fire of Surya, the burning eyes,
Saturnalia, let the bounties of the Earth be plentiful to those who listen to this treatise.

Behold! Kaamos is banished! Hail the everlasting Sun! 

Recorded by fellow Processian Tommy Duffin, at his 16 OHM studio in Glasgow

Mastered by James Plotkin 

Buy The Covenant of the Cosmos direct from us here and also available from At War with False Noise and Superfi Records

Read more about the album and view cover artwork here on our News page.